Sunday, June 1, 2014

Why my next phone won't be a Motorola

Contrary to what Motorola/Google will have you believe, you can apparently get bootloader of your Motomaker MotoX unlocked by some person in china by paying him/her $45.

What that means is that this person has access to some/all of your personal information. He certainly has access to your MEID number which is supposed to a global unique number for each Mobile device.

I have yet to receive any formal notification from Motorola regarding my information being compromised partially/completely. I am going lodge a complaint with FTC and see if they can find if another corporation is trying to mislead it's customers. I am still suffering as a result of that Target data breach. Hopefully, I don't have to go through changing my credit card info at 15 different sites again!

Ever since I started using a "smartphone", I have only used Motorola phones(DroidX, X2, RAZR Maxx, MotoX), guess, it's time to switch device once iPhone 6 is out :)